Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Hi I'm Luke, husband, father and brother who has had a constant story going on in my head for many years now about how I would love nothing more then to live a life inspiring myself and others to do what interests them. So in creating this site I'm going to do my best to do just that. Both through my own experiences and the journeys and others. If your not already doing what interests you, then I hope I can help you find that which encourages you to do so.

Hey There,
Are you in your 30’s, 40’s or are you wiser? If so welcome to What Interests You! Where I hope you’ll find something that interests you, informs you and inspires you into action to pursue what you love and turn your desires into a reality. Through our interviews and articles on where to go, whom to contact and what action to take in any given field. I hope to share the exciting and uplifting experiences I’ve had personally and to shine a light on others who have chased their dreams in wiser years, to inspire you to take the first step towards yours.

My Story

After finishing year 12 and failing miserably, my part time job at Mc Donald’s all of a sudden became full time, with aspirations of going through management. Though two years after finishing school I was still at Mc Donalds and had, had enough. So I bounced from retail job to retail job. I was going out and doing things that I know now with kids of my own you don’t really want your kids doing.

Then at 21 I started an apprenticeship in graphic reproduction. After 8 years with the same company, I moved on to where I still am today, another 11 years later. I work for a great company, but you always wonder what else is out there and now happily married with 2 amazing children under 3, my quest is to find out. Not just for me but for anyone that feels the same way. Anyone that at what feels like the half way mark, just wonders what else is there, what else is possible.